Saturday, 2 April 2011

Iroquois Hamfest

It was a good day to go for a Dave-VE3DZE and Don-VE3MNE and I decided to get up early and go to the Iroquois Hamfest, as none of us had been there before.  The drive there and back was great, spring has sprung and nobody was complaining about the +8C sunny weather we had to put up with.  Thanks to Dave for doing the driving.

VE3CLQ with Santa - aka VA3QV
The Hamfest was another matter, nothing of interest there at all!  I had a wallet full of cash and not a decent rig in sight to buy.  Pretty disappointing really.

Here's a hint for all the vendors next's called a "Hamfest", that means people attend to look for amateur radio items........not old used flashlights, computer parts, old VCRs, or 30 year old CBs.

However, it wasn't a total loss.  I did get to see Bob-VA3QV and Bob-VE3MPG, and that is always a delight!  Bob-VA3RCS told me that it looks like the Ottawa QRP Societies "Chilicon" will happen again this year.

Is it just me or have Hamfests gone down the toilet since EBay came on the scene?  It sure seems that way.