Sunday, 22 August 2010

Point Petre Portable Ops

Sunday dawned cold, wet, and really miserable.  Ever since I left the Canadian Forces I had forgotten that 0430 hrs existed, and trust me it's no time to roll out of a warm bed to launch yourself down Hwy 401!

After a quick stop for breakfast I arrived at Point Petre at 0930 hrs and began to set-up in the light wind and rain, after I had checked in with Marie-VA3ECB.  I used my Yaesu FT-857D, YT-100 automatic tuner, and two deep cycle batteries.  My antenna was my usual buddipole being used in the vertical mode.  I was hoping that John-Henry-VE3CAK could hear me so he could spot me on a DX cluster, but that was not to be.  J-H could not copy me at all, and I could not even hear him.  So it was back to the old fashion method, calling CQ.

The first station in the log was John - KB4CRT from Micanopy, Florida, with a nice 58 signal.  The next four stations where also all from Florida, and then the band switched and Oregon and California started to roll on in.  Two Canadian contacts were made, Boris - VE4BG from Winnipeg and Rick - VO1SA from St. John's, Newfoundland.  The only real DX contact for the day went to Javier - VP9/NM6E holidaying in Bermuda.

I had a good QSO with Jim - WB2LHP, who was operating from the Old Mission Point Lighthouse in Travis City, Michigan.  With 50w going each way I felt pleased with my 54 report from Jim.  Next up was Leo - K1KJC, from Vinalhaven Island in Maine, IOTA NA055.  Again with 50w I received a 55 from Leo as my signal report.

The operating site was right across the road from the Trenton Air Force Base HF antenna farm.  It was nice to dream while gazing at nine 300 foot towers, and two huge log periodic antennas. 

I was half expecting some interference from them, but thankfully it was a Sunday, and that means the good air force guys who operate them where still in bed........

Propagation today was a SFI of 75, and the K and A indexes where both at 1, and no sun spots to be seen for the first time in 55 days. 

By mid-afternoon the wind and rain had started to gain some strength. and I thought it wise to pack up and head back to Kingston.  Overall it was a good day.  Thirty-two contacts were made, including a few on each coast.  Not too bad for a lousy SFI day. 

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