Sunday, 16 January 2011

NA QSO Party is over!

This years NA QSO Parties, both CW and SSB are now over.  Lots of fun, but the propagation just wasn't there.  The SFI was down to 80 with the A and K indexes not very good either for the SSB party.

There did not seem to be the participation we have seen in the past for the SSB weekend.  It seemed to start slow and never really picked up.  I did manage to work stations on 80m, 40m, 20m, and 15m, but I never heard a soul on 10m everytime I had a look around there.

One item that did work out well for me was using my second call sign - VE3FCT.  Unlike when I use VE3CLQ, VE3FCT seems to punch through phonetically.  Normally I'm asked to repeat "Charlie Lima Quebec" several times before the other operator gets it, but this did not happen using "Fox Charlie Tango".  Not once was I asked to repeat my call this time.......I may have a winner!

My Log
Time(Z) Band  Call        RST      Name    QTH
1812      40m    KJ4ADN   56/56    Bill        Axton, VA
1832      40m    K4HTA     59/59    Pat        Vienna, VA
1834      40m    W4PV      57/56    Pat        Knoxville, TN
1837      40m    NA2M      59/59    Bill        Mohegan Lake, NY
1840      40m    WA2TPU  59/59    Don       Afton, NY
1845      40m    KW3A     59/59    Steve     Springfield, PA
1913      40m    K4VV      58/58    Jack       Paeonian Springs, VA
1916      40m    KB2AMY  59/59    Evan      Westbury, NY
1919      40m    KC2SNV  58/58    Ken        Black Wood, NJ
1922      40m    KG2GL    59/59    Tony      Nutley, NJ
1925      40m    KC9CDW 59/59    Gary      Kiel, WI
1931      20m    K4AB      59/59    Tom      Hazel Green, AL
1933      20m    VE3CX    59/59    Matti      Kaministiquia, ON
1942      20m    KT4ZB    55/56    Mark      Savannah, GA
1947      20m    AG5Z     59/58    Larry      Purvis, MS
1955      15m    WA7NB  56/55    Art         Tuscon, AZ
2002      15m    WR7Q    55/55    Bob        Murray, UT
0108      40m    K9JF      59/59    Jim        Vancouver, WA
0120      40m    N1SNB   59/59    Jeff        Haverhill, MA
0135      40m    W5WMU 59/59    Pat         Lafayette, LA
0145      80m    W4YCC   59/59   Bob        Rock Hill, SC
0146      80m    VA2OP    59/59   Jay         St. Colomban, QC
0150      80m    K9CT      59/59   Al           Trivoli, IL
0152      80m    W1SJ     59/59   Mitch       Essex, VT
0155      80m    WA7NB  58/57   Art           Tucson, AZ
0201      80m    KW8N    58/59   Bob          N. Ridgeville, OH
0209      80m    K0RH     56/57   Jim          Valley Center, KS

All in all an enjoyable day.  Lets hope that the SFI starts to improve in a hurry!


  1. Top of the morning Bill and I feel honored to have had a posting dedicated to me....:) You did very well and I as always had a hoot in this contest. I found 40m to be out of this world with activity. I did have to shut things down early as I promised the XYL dinner and a movie.......have to keep the balance in check.

  2. Interesting find regarding your call.