Sunday, 10 July 2011

New Toy!

Last week I splurged and bought myself a new FT-817nd to play with.  It was ordered at 10:30 Tuesday, and I had it in my sweaty little hands at 11:00 Wednesday......great service from Radioworld.....and Canada  Post.

I can't believe how small it is, and it makes you wonder just how small radio can eventually go!

I'm looking forward to experimenting with it over the next few weeks and getting my CW up to speed.

Now I can take it to work and operate at lunch time daily from Fort Henry Hill using my Buddipole system.  This is going to be a good summer.


  1. I've got one myself. Great little radio. Good luck with it. Wish you great QRP DX. 73, Bas

  2. Great rig Bill, you're gonna have fun with it. During the last solar cycle I worked all over the world using it with a matching hamstick from my car. Rugged and does everything. Mine has been with me to the Caribbean in my carry-on bag and has been knocked around; it just keeps on ticking. I have the original 817 I purchased in 2001.

  3. Cool.

    Nice new radio, Bill!

    On busy CW bands, you may consider adding a CW filter (if you don't have one).


  4. I was looking at this rig myself and there is lots of little add on's for it as well. It has been out for some time and has a proven track record for sure. I am now waiting to see how the Elecraft KX3 developes and may go down that road.