Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Successful Launch and Flight

A balloon like VE3RMC-11
VE3RMC-11 was launched  successfully at 0930L this morning from Wingham Airport in very light winds.  In the first two minutes the balloon climbed to 902m and remained over the airport.

I had a phone call from a very happy Richard-VA3VDP just after it had launched. 

The balloon tracked in a South-East direction, and 26 minutes into the flight it was at 10,002m, and nearly a third of the way to its intended height.

At 1111L the balloon burst at 29,013m just short of its 35,000m target, and 39 minutes later it touched down in a farmers field about 23 Kms (as the crow flies) south of Wingham.

Looking at the APRS tracks of the chase vehicles it looks like a successful recovery of the payload was carried out.

Well done Richard!!  We look forward to hearing the details in a few days.

Track of VE3RMC-11

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  1. Congratulations!Can`t wait to hear the details!-Sherri and Ted