Friday, 18 May 2012

Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour 2012

The Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour is THE Spring cycling event in the area with about 2000 riders going from Ottawa and Perth to Kingston on Saturday and back on Sunday. Four routes of varying difficulty are offered. The Tour is wholly organized and supported by Ottawa Bicycle Club volunteers.

The majority of riders come from Ontario and Quebec but there are also entrants from many of the other provinces, the United States and occasionally, even from abroad.

This year is the 41st year the ride has taken place and the 38th that amateur radio has provided communications support for the ride.  The Frontenac Radio Group provided comms from Perth Road Village to Queen's University, and has done for 5 years.

This year we will be operating five radio checkpoints, Perth Road Village, Loughborough Lake, Inverary, Glenburnie, and Queens University.  These locations will be manned for both Saturday and Sunday.

This year we are trying something different.  The Station at Perth Road Village will have two radios, one on the VA3TEL 2m repeater at Christie Lake and the other on the VE3FRG repeater using the 70cm link.  Hopefully this will stop any interference between the two radios.  In the past these two radios have both been on 2m, and we have had several interference issues.

Here's hoping the weather cooperates this year.

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