Saturday, 2 June 2012

Government Cutbacks......

We've all heard about it, everytime you pick up a newspaper or read the news on the Internet, all you see are articles on the federal cutbacks and provincial cutbacks.

Apparently the cutbacks have also impacted the Ontario Provincial Police!  You'll notice their new cruiser in the picture below.....

This picture was taken today on the campus of Queen's University here in Kingston.

This new model must be very good on gas...not sure how good it will be in a high speed highway chase.

Actually, all kidding aside, the Special Olympics are being held here in Kingston this weekend at the CFB Kingston Sports Complex, and police forces from all over the Province are here looking after, and mentoring, the kids, and this car was here for that event.  I'm sure it gave the kids as big a chuckle as it did me.

In fact the parking lot at Queen's looked like a police convention as there were cars from just about every police force in Ontario parked there.  Nice to see the boys in blue looking after the kids.


  1. This new "bug intercepter" would have no problem keeping tabs on my Scion IQ.

  2. Don't forget, it's a German car. There are no speed limits in Germany on the higway ;-)