Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday Radio

Something broke the local Internet this morning after our ham breakfast, and with no new books loaded in the Kobo I was forced to play radio to fight off the boredom. 

Up to the shack I went, turned on the FT-950, and was nearly blown out of my seat by the signals coming in on 10m, 12m and 15m.  I spent a great couple of hours cruising the bands and managed eight solid QRP SSB contacts.....

10m HA0NAR - Hungary
10m 9A208DX - Croatia
10m 9A4WY - Croatia
10m GW4BLE - Wales
10m IT9PQJ - Italy
10m TU5KG - Ivory Coast
15m EG5INT - Spain
12m SV3AQR - Greece

SFI was at 126; A Index at 4;  K Index at 1; and the SN at 46.  Not the best numbers we have seen but they did the job today.

So, whoever the kind soul was who ran into the telephone pole and cut the internet connection.......thank you for a most enjoyable morning!

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  1. I too on Sunday was in the shack and just rolling around the bands and was shocked with the activity that was showing up on my Elecraft P3 monitor on 10m. It was refreshing to see and hear the stations from Europe rolling in. The opening closed down for me around 4pm, not sure how long is was going on for but I clicked into it around 1pm