Saturday, 24 November 2012

The New Antenna Farm

Plans are well under way for the new antenna farm at the new QTH, in fact the first antenna will be up in the air before noon next Saturday, and we should be back on the air no later than Monday, December 3rd, at noon.

The new 80m OCF Dipole was cut and made last Thursday evening with help from Don VE3MNE and Tim VA3TIC, and will be up in the air about 50 feet when we finish with it.  The 31 foot vertical is currently in pieces, but ready to go up as well, and the new radials are cut and rolled up waiting for the big day.

The VHF farm will have an Arrow dual band J-pole, a four element Yagi, and a 5/8 wave ground plane. 

So, God willing, we will be back on the air from 440 to 160 in a few short if only the snow will stay away for a few days longer !!


  1. I got up to snow here in Cambridge on Saturday and today it seems to be snowing again....get the wooly's on!!

    1. Light snow falling here Mike, may be a cold day next Saturday :-)

  2. Dress warm and do us all proud!!! Oh and take some pics of the whole snowy or cold or both adventure.