Saturday, 19 January 2013


Going great guns on the NAQP Saturday afternoon.  Lots of contacts to be had, especially on 10m.   It looks like the new antennas are really working well, with lots of great signal reports (not your usual 59).

Best signal on the band this afternoon was John - HK3C from Bogota, Columbia.  However,  why do the lids have to tune up right on the frequency?  Then, there was the N4 station who kept calling John over his QSO's, and good for John for not going back to him. 

Overall a good afternoon.  Off for supper and then back at it.


Yesterday evening the bands seemed to be in pretty good shape with lots of east-west propagation.  Lots of calls from California and Washington states, funny though, I never heard a VE7 or a VE6 all day. 

Ten and twenty meters stayed open for quiet a while, and then pretty rapidly I had to move to 40m and eventually 80m.  I even managed a single 6m contact during the day as well.

Today the bands didn't seem to want to work.  I actually made very few contacts., and those that I did where all in Europe. 

Now that NAQP is over it's time to get the gear ready for this coming weekends Winter Field Day.  More on that later.


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