Monday, 18 February 2013

RaDAR-America Contest

Marcus KD0JKM is organising a RaDAR-America Contest - an event aimed at promoting the use of Rapidly Deployable Amateur Radio stations throughout North and South America. This contest is for all licensed radio amateurs.

A choice is made prior to the contest to participate in one of the defined categories. The points system is so structured as to encourage portable operation, especially moveable stations.

This contest will take place at the same time in South Africa (the Nation from which the idea originated), as it will here in the Americas - the first Saturday of April (the 6th) and first Saturday of November (the 2nd) starting at 14:00 UTC and ending at 18:00 UTC (4 hours operating time)
Information on the RaDAR-America Contest, can be found on their website HERE.

For those of you who might be interested in taking part in this contest, but have no experience in this kind of radio activity, Bob VA3QV has put together a superb article on his blog (HERE) that shows you several excellent points on operating QRP portable.

Let's hope the weather is a bit warmer on April 6th than the -17C it was here this morning.


  1. Hey Bill,

    This sounds like something interesting to take part in. I have marked my calendar and look forward to having a go.

    cheers, Graham ve3gtc

  2. Hi Bill,

    Hope you are doing fine! I'll get lucky with the weather during tomorrow's RaDAR-America Contest. What's it like at your end? I have still do make final decision over which antennas to bring along...

    vy 73 de Marcus KD0JKM

    1. Hi Marcus,

      Weather here looks fine. I'll be using a 31 vertical and a 44' doublet. Hope to work you!