Saturday, 8 March 2014

10m action

What an amazing day on 10m!   The band has been wide open into Europe and the Middle East just about all day, and the stations have been wall to wall.   As well as 10m, 12m and 17m have been very active as well today, with lots of great DX showing up.
I was very pleased at 1555Z to have Dattatry, VU2DSI, from Ahmednagar, in Central India pick me up, and on my first call to him.  Made my day!

I cannot remember ever actually hearing an Indian station on the air.  I've seen lots of them posted on the DX Cluster, but to work them on the very first call is just amazing.

The past few months have been fantastic on 10m, I remember my Dad, the "original" VE7CVQ, working the world on 10m back in 1992/1993.  Let's hope these conditions last until months end and the next big contest!


  1. Good evening Bob, great to hear that 10m is open and GREAT to read that 12 and 17 as well as for some reason 10m is not working very well on the MFJ loop for me but on Sunday I will try to give 12 and 17m a go to see what happens at my end.

    1. Mike, All three bands are hopping again today, hopefully you have the loop sorted out and have got some of the action :-)

      Bill VE3CLQ