Friday, 6 February 2015

In the Log !!!

Yeah!!!!  K1N is in the logbook!!!!  At 0422 local this morning, and on 20m, in she went.  Done on the very first call...smooth as silk, even talking very quiet as to not wake the rest of the house up.

No LIDS, No Band Police, and No Space Cadets about at all at that time of the morning, they're all snoring away saving their energy to create havoc later in the day.  I was greeted by the operator with "VE3FCT, Good Morning, You're up very early and a solid 59+!!"

So there you have it folks, want to work them in real peace and quiet without the DQRM and the multitude of LIDS on the frequency........get up very early.

No more worries, no more chasing them, and no need for a second contact on a different band.  In the log and done with........and on to the "Honey Do" List.


  1. Goes to show you early bird gets the K1N!

    1. Yep.....and the early bird gets an afternoon nap ;-)