Friday, 12 June 2015

High SWR..... ?????

Having just read Mike's Blog, VE3WDM, about his high SWR as 99.9:1,  I was glad to read Mike got the problem sorted out without any damage to his equipment.

I can only recommend to him, and others, to use the following if it happens in the may help ;-)

Available at all fine Ham Radio Stores........


  1. That looks like a fine product and good to keep on hand when the SWR goblins rear their head again!

    1. Never leave home without it Mike !!

  2. AKA silicone grease or dielectric silicone grease but not to be confused with what is sometimes called heat sink compound grease.
    This is the same translucent stuff that you get in those little plastic packets with antenna kits. The purpose, of course, is two fold. One, to help keep water and moisture out of the connectors mating surfaces hence prevently oxidation. And two, as an anti seize compound to make it much easier to undo the connectors at a later date.
    You can get said silcone grease or dielectric silcone grease at as Bill has mentioned "all fine Ham Radio Stores" but also at elecrical supply outlets, electronic supplies, the bigger automotive suppliers and eBay will many listings.

    I always have some on hand in the workshop and in my "on the go" kit.

    cheers, Graham ve3gtc