Sunday, 2 October 2016

New rig in the shack.....

There's a new rig in the VE3FI shack these days, an "almost" new FT-897D.  There's not a scratch on it!

This rig will replace my FT-857D as my main portable rig as it's getting a bit old, in fact it was the very first rig I ever bought when I was very first licensed.

It's really the same radio as the FT-857D, with some very slight differences.   I've made a good number of solid contacts today into both Europe and to the west coast with no issues using a 148' long wire.   So far I'm using a manual tuner with it, but a new LDG tuner is in the works for it.

Looking forward to operating portable with it.


  1. Congrats on the new arrival....

  2. Great radio - I've used the 897D as my base transceiver since 2011 - Unless you get a really sweet deal, don't bother with the built-in Yaesu batteries, I couldn't make the math work compared to other power sources