Sunday, 18 June 2017


Just had my ham radio computer fixed, and I'm back up on WSPR and PSK-31.   Lots of fun today on WSPR, the bands weren't too bad, but nothing was getting into Europe on any band.

Here's 20m today at 1430 UTC, June 18th.


  1. What happened to the PC and what was involved in the repairing it?

    1. Mike, I had to have the Linux removed and replaced with Windows 7 Professional. The issue was that Linux wouldn't let me use my ACLog program, and it had my WSPR program permanently stuck on 100% transmit - all the time....the only way to stop it was to turn the radio off.

      Luckily one of the guys in my Club is very good with computers so he did the work for me.....and now it works perfectly :-)

  2. Good evening Bill, I too run Win 7 pro and am very happy with it and before that it was XP but when the support stopped I joined the Win 7 group. I did run Linux on my laptop but for the reason the laptop was dated and running very slow under windows. I just used the machine for blog posts and for that reason it worked without issue.
    Have a good week Bill.