Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Canada Day Contest 2017

The bands were not in the best of shape at all.   Most of my contacts were done on 20m with a few made on 40m, 80m, 6m, and 2m SSB.  Nothing at all was heard on 10m or 15m.

There was lots of deep QSB and the bands were quite noisy, but I managed to put 122 contacts in the log which I'm happy with considering the conditions.

I actually did hear the ever elusive Bob, VA3QV/VY2, but wasn't able to make a contact with him.  Nice to hear him as it proves he's still alive and out there "somewhere".

As usual the contest was slow and friendly, with many comments, other than the mandatory exchanges, being passed back and forth.  This must be one of my favourite contests along with the Winter Contest.

Now to get ready for next weekends HF World Championships........


  1. what antenna do you use for 2m ssb

    1. Mike, we had an 11 element beam for 2m and a 4 element beam for 6m.