Monday, 23 October 2017

Off on an adventure.....

This coming weekend is the CQ World-wide SSB DX Contest and I'm off on a mini-DXpedition to Hampton, NB, to take part in the contest.

VE3FI and VE3MNE will be operating as VE9FI for the contest.  Both Don and myself are really looking forward to operating from the VE9FI station as Russ has put in a lot of work into it since he moved down there.

We reckon it will take 2 days driving to get there, so allowing some time to get to know the systems, we plan on leaving home on Wednesday morning and will spend the first night in Edmunston, NB, before moving on to Hampton on Thursday.

Looking forward to a great contest using some great antennas.   Lots more to report once I get home next week.

The VE9FI towers.....ready to go!!


  1. GL and have fun!

    1. Thx Mike.....if you hear us give us a call. We'll be using the VE9FI call.