Saturday, 16 May 2020

May QRP Sprint...

Another great night on the bands!  Lots of signals on 20m and 40m tonight and many European stations calling North America as well.

Saturday night was the third  2 hour QRP Sprint in a series of six sprints this year that the Upper Canada QRP Club sponsors.  The score is accumulative over the course of the year, so far Eric, VA3AMX, is in the lead, but that may change after tonights scores trickle in.

Propagation tonight at 2309 UTC was...SFI=69, SN=0, A Index=3, and the K Index=1. There was quite a bit of bad QSB as well, but it wasn't there all the time.

Best DX for me tonight was two contacts with the Azores, not bad for 10w RF into the OCF Dipole.  On top of that I worked 2 provinces and 4 states.  Not the best of results, but I am pleased with it.

I put the following in the log:

CQ8THANKS in the Azores
W0ZF in MN
CU3HN in the Azores
W8BI in OH
KB3CMT/p in WV

I'm looking forward to the next sprint in July, hopefully the weather will be good and I can operate portable for that one.

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