Thursday, 23 July 2020

IOTA 2020

This coming weekend, July 25-26, is the 2020 IOTA Contest.   There are a few rule changes for this year, and they can be found HERE.

There are a couple of rule changes that just don't make sense to me.  One is that there will be no DXpedition stations allowed, only home stations and single operators will be allowed.  

I understand completely that most remote DX islands are out of reach this year, I think we can all see that, but this rule seems to include mini-DXpeditions to local islands.  If local rules and laws allow for this type of activity under the current Covid-19 issue, I can see no problem with operating from a local island.

Let's be honest here, YOU know your current local situation and rules far better than some IOTA committee sitting in RSGB HQ in the UK does.

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