Sunday, 21 November 2010

Winter Field Day

For the past 4 years the Society for the Preservation of Amateur Radio (SPAR) has sponsored an annual Winter Field Day, always held the last full weekend of January. 

Not only during Field Day in June, do the bands come alive with improvised signals proving the ability to respond to emergencies. Since emergencies and natural disasters don't always happen in the summer, during Winter Field Day, frigid winds, icy limbs and bitter cold replace the thunderstorms and blistering heat of summer. In 2007 SPAR established a Winter Field Day event and invited all Amateur Radio operators to participate. The event was repeated in 2008 and was considered a success, so it was then designated an annual event to be held the last full weekend each January. In 2007 - 2010 the event was enjoyed by many, but it is time to issue the invitation for the Fifth Annual SPAR Winter Field Day!

The 2011 Winter Field Day will be held from 1700 UCT (12:00 noon EST) Saturday January 29, 2011 through 1700 UCT (12:00 noon EST) Sunday January 30, 2011.

The object of the event is familiar to most Amateur Radio operators: set up emergency-style communications and make as many contacts as possible during the 24 hour period. The rules encourage as many contacts on as many bands and modes as possible, because during a real emergency, the most important factor is the ability to communicate, regardless of band, mode or distance.

Mark it on your calendars, it's too much fun to miss!


  1. At least the mosquitos don't bother you...

    Frostbite on the other hand.... Two years ago I froze my FT817 in -30degC temps...Actually more than the radio froze...

    Hope to work you this year... Don't forget 40 and 80m NVIS....


  2. Bob,

    Frontenac Radio Group has the use of a cabin this year on Lenox Lake, just north of Parham. We'll be active on 80m, 40m and 20m as VE3FRG, we'll keep a listen out for you.

    Bill VE3CLQ

  3. Hi, Bill.

    I love this event - a good warm up for FYBO.

    I'll be taking part for sure... maybe combine with a summits on the air activation...