Thursday, 23 February 2012

New Gear - Part 2

This is without a doubt the best radio I have ever owned.....and I've owned a lot. 

Every contact I have made in the past week has commented on how good the audio is, and I haven't even changed any settings's still on the factory set-up.

The audio seems to punch through and I'm making contacts on the first or second call constantly.....never did that with the Kenwood TS-570D, and certainly never with the FT-857D. 

I've spent quite a bit of time tuning around and listening to QSO's.  While I'm listening I'm playing with the extensive filtering system, and I'm very impressed with the systems.  It seems I can take almost any QRM out and get a workable signal.  The ATU works as advertised and I've had no SWR problems with my 40m OCFD. 

The race is on to be 90% familiar with the rig in time for me to take part in the two big contests in March, those will be the tests.


  1. Yes the CQ WW SSB in March sure will give you a chance to run the rig through the paces. I find that when I get into a contest with a new rig I like to write down questions and new findings about the rig as I contest. If I don't write them down I tend to forget.

    1. Michael,

      Thanks for the great idea of taking notes on the rig while I operate. I'm sure something willpop up that I will have to research after the contest.....if not during!

  2. I know with my K3 during contests sometimes while setting something up on the rig I wonder if there is a short cut or a way to enter it into the rigs memory. I am sure Yaesu has a yahoo group or something were you can also seek out ideas and so on.

  3. Nice radio - I purchase mine in October 2007 from RadioWorld - one of the first ones available in Canada. First thing I did was get a notebook and each time that I changed any of the menu items I would log the change and date it. This was especially important after doing firmware updates as your custom menu settings would be wiped out. Now there's software available to save and re-load your custom menu settings. My 950 has performed flawlessly since new and I use it mostly on digital modes especially JT65HF weak signal modes; the receiver is very sensitive and once you master the different tweaks using the menus you'll appreciate the engineering that went into this superb radio. It's the best bang for the buck. I've worked the world using 10 - 20 watts on digital modes even during the low point in the solar cycle in the last few years. This radio can pick signals out of the noise. Have fun with it!