Saturday, 18 February 2012

New gear!

The day started off pretty early today, it was off to Radioworld in Toronto with Don-VE3MNE.  The trip down was "interesting", lots of snow and blowing snow, and lots of idiots driving way over the safe speed level.  No surprise then that we drove past 6 accidents, mainly cars and trucks in the ditch.  Several of them down pretty steep embankments.  A very busy day for the Police, Fire and Ambulance units who were doing a great job under pretty crappy conditions.

Our trip back wasn't much better as we were driving back into the storm, and the idiots were still on the road.....or should that be "all over the road"?  Once again lots of Police on the highway sorting out messes that could have been avoided by people driving to the conditions, and not like maniacs!

Don picked up a new FT-8800 Dual bander.  A nice piece of kit for his truck.  He also picked up a new "plug and play" Rigblaster.  Don will be cruising the bands on FLDigi in no time!

My purchase was a bit larger....a new FT-950.  What a nice piece of kit.  It will be a few days before I can give a proper report on the rig, but from what I have seen already it's a real winner.

More on the rig in a few days after I  experiment with the settings etc.


  1. nice toy.... CONGRATS.... 73bob

    1. Thanks Bob.....pretty steep learning curve on the machine compared to my FT-857D !! :-)

  2. Very nice rig I had the FT-1000MPMV and it was a great give us a run down once you spin the dials.

  3. Bill,

    I have had a ft-950 for going on two years. I love it. Great CW contest radio, at least for the level at which I play. It is just a good all round radio at a good price. More bells and whistles than I will ever use and I am still learning something new about it's features all the time. You shouldn't be disappointed.

    cheers, Graham ve3gtc near Ottawa