Tuesday, 3 December 2013

RCAF Moose Milk

Drinking "fortified" Moose Milk at Christmas has been a time honoured tradition in the Royal Canadian Air Force for many, many years. 

For those that don't know what it is, Moose Milk is a magic elixir that makes fighter pilots look much more handsome, Aurora crews much smarter, and the Chinook crews much more rugged..............but it seems it doesn't do much for the Hercules or the CC-150 Polaris crews!

Most non-Canadians will not know the first thing about how to go about catching a wild Moose so you can milk it, and I must confess it can be a very dangerous sport if you are not extremely careful.  This is one of the few jobs we leave to the Flight Engineers as they tend to be much more responsible than the pilots, and the Loadmasters just get in the way and drink the stuff.

So to make it easier for my friends from overseas the following recipe is as close as you can get to drinking real Moose Milk.....

Recipe credit: www.badenremembered.com
Flight Sergeant Jack Moore, is credited with concocting the original mixture on the instructions of the RCAF Station Borden CO, in about 1943, for guests to "have a good time."  A couple of 40-pounders (Dark Rum and Canadian Rye) providing the kick makes it a rather enjoyable drink.  Some substitutions include a brick of ice cream in place of the whipping cream.

Please remember to drink and drive responsibly!!! 
If you're caught the Police will never believe you drank Moose Milk!!


  1. I would say fly responsibly as well as the FAA to will not go for the Moose Milk story as well...:)

  2. Sounds great! But I hate to even think of the calories involved here. I thought regular Egg Nog had a lot!

    73 de W2LJ

    1. Larry,

      We burn those calories off living in the cold up here ;-)........at least that's my excuse !!