Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Some New Toys .....

Received a couple of new toys today from Buddipole to add to my private stock of their parts.

I ordered the mini-coil which is perfect for use with the large collapsible whips and I also ordered the five section rigid shock-corded adjustable whip.  This whip extends from 22" to 142", and allows you to operate on 10m to 17m by itself, no coils or additional arms.  It will also cover 20m with the addition of two-22" arms.

When I use the Buddipole I very rarely ever use it as a dipole...with the exception of 10m, where it works very well, normally I use it in the vertical mode, so this one whip will allow me to pack just one whip and two arms and operate from 10m to 20m.  Bonus!!!

I have had great success over the last 10 years working all kinds of DX with my Buddipole system.  I've slowly added a lot of extra parts to the basic kit I originally bought, so it's a good job the XYL doesn't look in the shack closet very often.

You know, the only problem getting new toys like this is trying to find the time to play and experiment with them.


  1. I understand the new buddipole stuff doesn't fit the old do you find it?

    1. Mike,

      It all fits. I have been buying Buddipole parts for over 10 years now and it all fits together with no issues at all.