Friday, 17 June 2016

Field Day

Field Day, or in my case "Field Week", is coming up starting next Tuesday.  I'll be kissing the wife goodbye for six days as I head out to Hay Bay, our field day site for a week of radio fun!  This is fast becoming an annual event for Don, VE3MNE, and myself.

This year we will be back out at Hay Bay operating for Field Day 2016 as a 5A station, three SSB, 1 CW, and 1 Digital stations.  This should get us the maximum amount of points we can earn, and perhaps we can beat last years score.

There is an array of antennas up on the property, right now there is a 160m OCF Dipole, a 80m OCF Dipole, and a 40m/15m 1/2 wave vertical.  Next Saturday morning the rest of the antennas go up.  There will be another 80m OCF Dipole, a portable 25' tower with a 3-element beam, and two 31' multi-band verticals.  This gives our operators some good options in case the bands are not the best.

Most of our week will be spent relaxing and experimenting with antennas and radios to see what we can get them to do.  There might also be some fishing and a bit of reading going on as well.

So far the long-range forecast looks like there may be a bit of rain on Saturday, but it looks pretty good to me.

Have a listen for VE3FRG, 5A, ONE, and have a great FD weekend.

Richard, VA3VDP, at the digital station during FD 2015.

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  1. It was my second FD with MARC/WIARC clubs (Montreal ham clubs). We were in 2A class, plus a GOTA (Get On The Air) station. I tried my luck on 6 meters but the band was completely shut. I did also many QSOs on 20 meters SSB. Best FD part this year? No rain!