Thursday, 7 January 2021

Strange Day on the Bands...

What a strange day it was on the bands today!!  I was trying, as usual, to hunt some POTA stations, and I just was not hearing a thing...on either 20m or 40m.  What few North American stations I could hear, all had very deep QSB and were impossible to copy.

So, I decided to spin the VFO up 17m and see what I could hear....and there was Mike, C6ANX, in the Bahamas calling CQ, loud and clear, with nobody going back to him.  Well, he's in my log now, as is Slavco, S57DX, who I caught a few minutes later on 20m doing the same thing.  

Hopefully propagation will get back to normal soon and I can continue to hunt POTA stations.

Stay Safe out there!!

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