Saturday, 23 October 2021

More Portable Ops...

It was a beautiful day here in Kingston, although it was a little chilly....winter is definitely on its way.  I checked the propagation websites and it didn't look too bad for a change.  SFI=86, SN=28, A Index=4, and the K Index=1. So I decided to go and activate a park. 

I went to Lemoine Point first, and couldn't get a parking spot.  VE3SIQ was already operating at Parrotts Bay, and there isn't room there for two ops to work there comfortably.  So it was off the Marshlands Conservation Area, VE-5143.  Surprisingly when I got there the parking lot was completely empty.

It only takes me a few moments to get set up, as usual it was my KX3 and a hamstick on the roof of the van.  I managed to put 26 in the log in a little over thirty minutes, ten on 20m and sixteen on 40m.    

Overall it was a good activation, and my plan is to go out Sunday morning if the propagation holds, and activate another location.  I suspect next weekend with the CQ WW DX SSB Contest will not be a good weekend for POTA, so I'm getting my fill now.

Saturday's QSO Map

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