Wednesday 22 May 2024

Day 3...

Last night was not very enjoyable, today was even worse.  After I grabbed a coffee in Wawa it started...with heavy rain like last night, combined with heavy pea-soup fog.  This continued just about all day, I say "just about" because it started to snow around 1700 local.  Yeah, the white stuff that should have been gone 2 months ago!

Today I managed to make a single 2m contact.  It was in Thunder Bay on the VE3YQT repeater.  Unfortunately I forgot to write down the gentleman's call or name.  

I'm not equipped to camp in 2C (35F) weather, so I continued on from Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park where I was supposed to camp, and pushed on to Dryden, about two hours from the Manitoba border.

Needless to say, no POTA activations took place today, although there should be at least one tomorrow in the Brandon, Manitoba, area.  It's a new one....never activated before, and I can't recall the POTA number at the moment.

I'm not too worried about the parks I missed today, I'll get them on the way home as I'm coming back the same route.

The Wawa Goose this morning, in a rare, rain free, moment!

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  1. Love reading this account. Reminds me of a trip I made in 2018. I camped at Chutes PP, Pancake Bay PP, Neys PP, Kakabeka Falls PP, Rushing River PP then on through MB, SK and AB ending at Canmore before returning. It was a great trip (but before POTA). Good luck with your trip; hope the bands improve for you! John VA3KOT