Monday, 8 March 2021

The Weekend...

I stayed off the bands on Saturday with the exception of making five POTA QSO's.  I've made a minimum of five QSO's a day since last September.

The bands on Saturday were in decent shape, but the large number of stations all screaming "Your 59, 1kw" was enough to tell me my 100w and an EFHW antenna were just not going to cut it.  So, I did what any amateur would have done, I turned off the rig and went for a beer.

On Sunday morning the propagation numbers were actually worse than Saturday, and were: SFI=76, SN=23, A Index=16, and the K Index=2.

Surprisingly though, the bands seemed quiet and in better shape.  I through out my call before I went out for my daily morning walk, and from 1402 - 1432 UTC I managed to put ten DX SSB stations in my log using only 10w into my EFHW.  They were:

CQ8M, HP3SS, HG8R, EB5A, IK0ETA, 9A9A, OK1DOY, SP8R, ED5R, and S57DX.

It seemed that there were very few US stations around at that early time, which of course only made it easier for a QRP station like mine to get its signal through and be heard.  It was only later that I realized that most of the US stations had probably taken the time off to go to church 😎

Stay safe out there!!

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