Sunday, 27 November 2022

Sunday on the Air...

What a great day to be out in the park and on the air today!!  We're just about finished with November and the outdoor temperature here is still +8C, and everything is green.  Who could resist getting outdoors and playing radio today?

For a change of scenery I chose to activate the Frontenac Biosphere, VE-0023.  There is a nice quiet spot, just off of the K&P walking trail, that I use north of town.

First in the log today was Stuart, M0TTQ, who was in a UK park.  Then it was the turn of 20 US and Canadian stations up and down the east coast, and I finished with two more DX stations, EA1DHB, and IK4IDF.  Not a bad day on the bands!

While there was a very amount of QSB today, the good thing is there was no deliberate QRM that has been plaguing many POTA operations lately.

I used my 20m and 40m hamsticks today, as well as the KX3 set at 10 watts.  

Here's today's QSO map:

Todays mid-morning propagation was:  SFI=107, SN=56, A Index=20, and the K Index was 2.

Whoever said "Life is too short for QRP" has obviously never operated QRP.  It's an absolute thrill every time I have a SSB QSO with somebody across the pond.  Tomorrow, I might take out my FT-817 and try it again with a screaming 5 watts.

Stay safe out there !!

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  1. Good evening and always enjoy the POTA run downs you have on the blog. I was shocked to read that there is intentional QRMing of operations. There is lots of band to go around for everyone.